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Is Your Warehouse Ready for the Holidays?

Posted by enVista Thought Leadership on Nov 16, 2017 4:49:56 PM

When preparing for the Holiday season, many retailers start to plan, sometimes even right after the rush from the current season. Strategic transformations to a retailer’s supply chain for the peak season isn’t always a necessary component. Small, yet simple adjustments can be implemented to improve your distribution process to create efficiency and effectiveness. Follow these four practices to turn your holiday strategy into a season of success.

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Topics: Distribution Center Optimization, Warehouse, holidays, peak season

Are Your Drivers Ready for New ELD Mandate?

Posted by enVista Thought Leadership on Nov 9, 2017 10:59:38 AM

On December 18th of this year,the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMSCA) will enact new regulations which require drivers to begin use of Electronic Logging Devices (ELD). Currently, many drivers use a paper logbook to record their compliance with Hours of Service requirements. Because these records are easily manipulated, legislation aims to shift those logs to digital.

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Ready, Set, Mark Your Calendars for the Changes Being Implemented by FedEx

Posted by enVista Thought Leadership on Oct 25, 2017 2:38:59 PM

FedEx is bringing in the new year with some new changes. FedEx made their GRI announcement for what’s to come in 2018. FedEx is following the changes made by UPS within the last year that will take place companywide as of January 1. As of January 22, more substantial changes will occur, having a negative impact on expenses for shippers. So, what does this mean for shippers?

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Olympic Diver's Time at enVista a 'Perfect 10'

Posted by enVista Thought Leadership on Oct 18, 2017 4:14:00 PM

Amy Cozad Magaña is ready for any challenge. Whether that means training to represent the United States on the U.S. Olympic Diving Team or completing her day-to-day internship duties at enVista.


Magaña began working with enVista in September 2017, as part of an established career development program with USA Diving to equip its athletes with professional skills in a global business environment.

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What's the Big [Data] Deal?

Posted by enVista Thought Leadership on Oct 6, 2017 2:53:41 PM

As companies grow, the volume of their shipments will grow with them. In order for companies to implement the use of Big Data they must first understand the concept of it. When does data become big data? An organization’s data becomes big data when it is challenging for traditional software to process it. Being able to understand how big data affects the operations within a company is vital to the process of turning Big Data into a big asset.  

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FUEL 2017 Day 2 Wrap Up and "The Future of Last Mile Delivery"

Posted by enVista Thought Leadership on Sep 28, 2017 1:11:49 PM

Our first ever conference turned out to be a great success thanks to all of our speakers and attendees. Day 1 was full of great keynotes and the first half of our breakout sessions. After a long, educational day our attendees got enjoy some peanuts and cracker jack while checking out the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs take on the Mets from a Wrigleyville rooftop.

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Topics: Transportation, Supply Chain, FUEL

FUEL 2017 Day 1 Wrap Up!

Posted by enVista Thought Leadership on Sep 14, 2017 6:13:51 PM

Wow, what a day! Welcome, from FUEL 2017 at the Conrad Hotel in Chicago. We unofficially kicked off our first ever supply chain and transportation executive summit last night at the MercuryGate Fire and Ice cocktail reception, but this morning we got down to business with several keynote speakers followed by our breakout sessions. Here are some of the highlights!

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Topics: Transportation, Supply Chain, FUEL

5 Sessions We're Looking Forward to at FUEL 2017

Posted by enVista Thought Leadership on Sep 5, 2017 11:16:21 AM

enVista’s inaugural supply chain and transportation executive summit is coming up next week! FUEL 2017, September 13-15 at the Conrad in Chicago, is designed to help transportation leaders connect with their peers in order to share ideas, shape best practices, and learn how to address some of the biggest challenges faced in today’s competitive and complex market.

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Topics: Transportation, Supply Chain, FUEL

ERP's Place in Manufacturing

Posted by enVista Thought Leadership on Aug 30, 2017 3:07:45 PM

What is ERP for a manufacturer?

ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, is best regarded as an integrated software solution that addresses all back office operations for transacting, management and analysis. What does this mean for Manufacturers?

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Topics: Enterprise Resource Planning, Microsoft Dynamics AX, ERP, Enterprise Solutions

My Career in Supply Chain Consulting

Posted by Charles Sims on Aug 24, 2017 12:46:11 PM

Charles Sim - Kelley School of Business, Supply Chain, May 2014, Project Manager in Strategy at enVista

Looking back at graduation, is your career in supply chain consulting what you thought it would be?

Yes, overall it is what I expected when I decided to start my career. I had a general sense of the type of work I’d be doing; I even find myself referencing back to class material occasionally to help me on some projects.

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Topics: Supply Chain Consulting, Supply Chain, Supply Chain Strategy

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