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Top 10 White Papers of 2016

We had some great white papers published in 2016 - here are the 10 that you enjoyed most!


Are You Ready for a Warehouse Management System?


Selecting the proper WMS application for your organization should consist of evaluating which system supports your key business operational functions, your information technology strategy, and a strong value proposition/return on investment. In this white paper you will learn the characteristics and potential savings of a WMS, how to assess if and when a WMS is right for you, and how to quantify the value proposition of a WMS.


Find the Money: How a Transportation Spend Diagram Can Help


The Spend Diagram is a simple way to begin your strategic assessments; it is an easy to read, one-page visual that helps you "find the money" in your transportation operations. Leaders in transportation look for ways to reduce costs while improving service levels as they conduct strategic assessments or design solutions. Using the Spend Diagram to document freight flows and costs on a single page is the best way for a transportation team to collect data and focus their efforts; this will help to keep it simple, communicate the operation and costs to the executives, and prioritize efforts.


A Forward Look at Reverse Logistics


According to leading supply chain analysts, the reverse logistics process is a critical point of customer satisfaction and competitive differentiation. Yet, it is also a common source of confusion, cost, and inefficiency for companies, especially those that approach merchandise returns as individual, disjointed transactions. Companies that proficiently and cost-effectively collect merchandise and process returns, shortening the time from return origination to resale, are uniquely positioned to enhance customer satisfaction and to significantly reduce costs.


WMS – One Size Doesn’t Fit All


One of the most important aspects of achieving supply chain optimization is the selection of a supply chain execution (SCE) system. It can be a long process, with many pitfalls along the way. With many different options, it can sometimes be hard to ensure that your company ends up with the right SCE software system for their current and evolving needs. This white paper elaborates on best practices such as forming a team, getting a hands-on answer to “what do we need?”, and developing scenarios to “what could go wrong?”.


WMS vs. WCS vs. WES


Many companies are at a crossroad when deciding whether to invest in a warehouse management system (WMS), warehouse control system (WCS), warehouse execution system (WES) or a combination of the three. In this white paper, enVista explores the specific functionalities of each solution in depth, pinpointing where systems intersect in order to allow businesses to determine which systems best meet their needs.


Leveraging Lean Six Sigma Tools in LMS Implementations


Direct labor accounts for the largest percentage of total cost within a distribution center. Operations teams are constantly being asked to do more with less, that is, increase the throughput and reduce the number of labor hours required to do it. As a result, more and more organizations are turning to the implementation of Labor Management Systems (LMS) in order to improve processes and reduce labor costs. LMS is an important piece to the puzzle, but leveraging Lean Six Sigma tools during the implementation can further reduce labor costs, while improving quality and creating additional value for the customer.


Goods-to-Person or Person-to-Goods?


When it comes to deciding between a GTP and a PTG order fulfillment solution for your distribution operation, there is not a single, clear-cut solution. There are many factors that must be considered before arriving at the order fulfillment solution best suited for your business.


Optimum Facility Design: The Dos and Don’ts of Planning


Facility design involves more than just warehouse configuration. It also calls for strategic thinking that identifies long-term goals and sales strategies, and a significant amount of cooperation among all parties involved. In this white paper you will learn the right ways to proceed with a facility design and some common mistakes, the definites of key data profiles that should be collected prior to initiating the design, and why you should come up with at least three different design alternatives before moving forward with a build.


Inventory: The First Lean Waste


Running a business with any sort of inventory has often been described as a constant pursuit of balancing: (1) Inventory, (2) Cost, and (3) Service. In any business at any given time, any one of these points would be where management feels the most pain. So what do we do? In this 23-page eBook, you will learn how to effectively balance inventory, cost and customer service, why inventory is described as the FIRST lean waste, a history of inventory models and the advantages and disadvantages of each, and how to use lean execution together with master planning.


Is it Time for a New Network Strategy?


If retailers have not looked at their network strategy lately, they are likely either sacrificing service to customers or spending too much money. A successful supply chain network design will give retailers competitive advantage and pinpoint ways to reduce costs, improve service levels, reduce overall cycle times, and streamline all processes and systems used.

We hope you enjoyed all we had to offer in 2016 and that you’ll stay tuned for what’s to come in 2017!

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