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5 Steps to a Successful Microsoft Dynamics AX Upgrade

By | on Dec 19, 2014 |   Microsoft

The subject of a Microsoft Dynamics® AX upgrade is worthy of your time and consideration because an upgrade to your Dynamics AX system allows it to stay current and allows you to take advantage of fun[...]

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Three eCommerce Trends That Are Changing the Retail ERP Landscape

By | on Sep 11, 2014 |   Microsoft

The following trends are strong indicators of the sustained growth in the retail eCommerce channel and reinforce the importance of tightly integrating the eCommerce channel with the end-to-end omni-ch[...]

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How to Avoid an ERP Implementation Failure

By | on Aug 22, 2014 |   Microsoft

Learning from the Mistakes of the Air Force's ERP Implementation Failure A quick Internet search for the phrase “ERP Implementation Failure” will return pages of results with links to stories about fa[...]

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3 Sure Fire Tactics to Avoid Viruses and Spyware

By | on Jul 30, 2014 |   Microsoft

To have a fighting chance against today's rampant security threats, end users have to be informed and proactive. Here are some practical guidelines to minimize the risk of infection and attack. 1. Use[...]

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3 Myths About ERP Upgrades

By | on May 23, 2014 |   Microsoft

“Ladies and Gentleman, Start Your Engines” and Get Your ERP Upgrade Moving Forward! This Sunday, the 98th Running of the Indianapolis 500 will take place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. With enVis[...]

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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3: Three Things to Know

By | on Mar 24, 2014 |   Microsoft

Arguably the biggest news at Microsoft Convergence 2014 in Atlanta surrounded the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3.  Here, the Microsoft partner community had the opportunity to previ[...]

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3 Criteria to Remember When Selecting an ERP System

By | on Feb 20, 2014 |   Microsoft

The ERP system you select needs to be flexible enough to grow with your company Let’s face it, your business is constantly changing and evolving. For this reason, when selecting an ERP system for your[...]

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10 Technology Trends You Need to Know in 2014

By | on Feb 07, 2014 |   Microsoft

1. Internet of Things Today, there are over 15 billion connections to the Internet, and over 50 percent of those connections are devices (cellular phones, thermostats, alarm systems, tablets, etc.). T[...]

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ERP Simplicity with WMS

By | on Jun 25, 2012 |   Supply Chain Microsoft

Your company is considering a new warehouse management application to support more efficient and detailed inventory control. As you identify areas to cost-justify this capital expenditure, history and[...]

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Serving Up the Right Solution for One Kings Lane

By | on Jun 04, 2012 |   Microsoft Unified Commerce

enVista started 10 years ago as a supply chain consulting firm focused on planning and execution for retail—demand planning, transportation, and warehouse management systems. In 2008, we became a Micr[...]

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Agile vs. Waterflow Software Deployment Methodologies

By | on Feb 08, 2011 |   Supply Chain Microsoft

Over the last year, I have personally been involved with two e-commerce companies that used Agile software development and deployment approaches for their e-commerce sites requiring integration to bot[...]

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Cloud Computing

By | on Jul 28, 2010 |   Supply Chain Microsoft

Cloud Computing is the topic du jour everywhere you turn in the press and analyst community lately, and for good reason. But, the real question is, what does it mean for enVista clients, and how do yo[...]

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