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The Dirty Little Secrets of Business Intelligence: Shaping Corporate Strategies

By | on Jul 26, 2021 |   Microsoft

Companies striving to accelerate their business intelligence journeys must achieve several important early milestones. Once they are successfully integrating and interpreting different external data s[...]

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Your Guide to Supply Chain Network Design: Key Factors for a Competitive Advantage

By | on Jul 22, 2021 |   Supply Chain

Supply chain network design should be a key part of every organization’s supply chain optimization strategy. Managing an optimized supply chain network is a delicate balance between reducing transport[...]

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Creating a Successful Digital Commerce Transformation

By | on Jul 13, 2021 |   Microsoft

A recent Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study showed a potential total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction of 3.4 percent and a return on investment (ROI) gain of 109 percent for comp[...]

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What is Omnichannel Fulfillment and Why Does it Matter?

By | on Jul 12, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

Today’s empowered shoppers want to choose from a multitude of products and delivery options and expect immediacy, convenience and simplicity. Competing against Amazon and other retailers with extensiv[...]

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The Dirty Little Secrets of Business Intelligence: Planning Tomorrow’s BI Strategy Today

By | on Jul 7, 2021 |   Microsoft

Business intelligence (BI) programs continue to grow rapidly in quality and scope reflecting the proliferation of digital data. IDC estimates a 26 percent five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) [...]

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WMS vs. WCS vs. WES: Which Is Best For Your Business Needs?

By | on Jul 6, 2021 |   Supply Chain

Having the right systems in place is a core pillar of successful supply chain operations. Too little technology, and you miss out on key data and knowledge to keep operations running smoothly. Too muc[...]

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Why is Integrated Planning Important for Retailers?

By | on Jul 2, 2021 |   Retail Consulting

The traditional planning process is theoretically straightforward: identify what to sell, to whom, at what price and then ensure the product is where it should be when needed. This is, of course, simp[...]

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Advanced Analytics: How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

By | on Jun 30, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

Knowing the customer better than the competition empowers your organization to create better assortments, personalized promotions and marketing campaigns to drive sales and enhance customer loyalty. T[...]

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Store Fulfillment: One Size Does Not Fit All

By | on Jun 29, 2021 |   Retail Consulting

This article by Jim Barnes, CEO of enVista, first appeared on Forbes.com. Omnichannel fulfillment has moved to the forefront of the industry — accelerated by COVID-19 — as retailers and consumers expl[...]

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Advanced Warehousing Meets Manufacturing: Dynamics 365 Manufacturing with Advanced Warehousing Processes

By | on Jun 25, 2021 |   Microsoft

The current version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a warehouse management system (WMS) module that competes with Tier 1 WMS systems and is fully integrated with the built-in manufacturing functional[...]

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Key Decisions to Consider Before Moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365

By | on Jun 18, 2021 |   Microsoft

As companies seek to improve productivity, collaboration and growth, many industry leaders are moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Not only does Dynamics 365 have seamless integration with other Microso[...]

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How Accurate is Your Inventory Visibility? Why Real-Time Visibility Is Vital Across the Supply Chain

By | on Jun 8, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

Inventory has far-reaching implications – impacting margins and profitability, fulfillment timeframes and customer service. Inventory costs have risen every year since 2012 with most retailers and dis[...]

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