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Ryan Kauzlick

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The Dirty Little Secrets of Business Intelligence (BI): Six Challenges to Adoption

By | on Jun 7, 2021 |   Microsoft

In a competitive environment where data is the new currency, the company with the best business intelligence (BI) usually wins. Bringing together different data sources ranging from customer data to m[...]

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Microsoft PowerApps: The Age of Citizen Developers

By | on Nov 12, 2019 |   Information Technology Microsoft

Recently, I was on an 8-hour road trip to a customer with a colleague who is much younger than me. We were talking about events in our lives that trigger flashbulb memories – extremely vivid memories [...]

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IoT 3.0: Data - It's Everywhere!

By | on Jul 29, 2019 |   Information Technology

Look around you.  I don't care where you are in this world, data is ever present.  There are a few exceptions, but even the individual who lives off the grid still has data.  It may not be due to some[...]

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IoT 2.0: Show Me the Money

By | on Jul 24, 2019 |   Information Technology

During my last blog, I talked about how, as a Gen-x'er, I feel threatened by The Internet of Things (IoT).  As I noted, it is important for everyone to understand that technology exists to help us. In[...]

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IoT: The Rise of the Internet of Things (IoT)

By | on Jul 22, 2019 |   Microsoft

  We have plenty of data, now what? In the age of interconnectedness, more and more people are finding themselves asking that question. Technology companies and research firms alike estimate the numbe[...]

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