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How Fuel Surcharges Will Impact Shippers in 2021

By | on May 24, 2021 |   Transportation

When shippers are investigating root causes of transportation cost increases over time, fuel can often be overlooked. This does not mean fuel costs are left out of cost models or projections, but that[...]

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Re-Branding Standard Shipping as “Green Delivery”

By | on Apr 22, 2021 |   Transportation

Guest Post: Shane Parker, Account Analyst at enVista It is no secret the most significant trend in ecommerce of the last decade has been the speed of delivery expected by consumers, with a clear singl[...]

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5 Ways UPS Scan-Based Billing Will Impact Shippers

By | on Oct 15, 2020 |   Transportation

UPS’s Change to Scan-Based Billing Appears to Be a Win for Shippers

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UPS Changes to Scan-Based Invoicing

By | on Oct 15, 2020 |   Transportation

UPS announced it will be making the switch from manifest-based invoicing to scan-based invoicing, effective Sunday, October 11, 2020. While FedEx has been doing event-based billing for years, at first[...]

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Carrier Costs Are Up, Capacity Is Down, Peak Is Coming – What Do I Do?

By | on Sep 23, 2020 |   Transportation

8 Winning Strategies for Shippers Challenged by Volume Caps “Christmas in September” doesn’t quite have the ring of another familiar phrase, but it’s one that every shipper in 2020 may resonate with a[...]

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Carbon Emissions and Sustainability in Transportation

By | on Sep 10, 2020 |   Transportation

How Shipping Companies Can Reduce Carbon Emissions   Climate change is one of the key issues corporations are working to address in 2020, as it permeates world-wide discussions. Earlier this year, Lar[...]

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