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Advanced Warehousing Meets Manufacturing: Dynamics 365 Manufacturing with Advanced Warehousing Processes

By | on Jun 25, 2021 |   Microsoft

The current version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a warehouse management system (WMS) module that competes with Tier 1 WMS systems and is fully integrated with the built-in manufacturing functional[...]

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Key Decisions to Consider Before Moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365

By | on Jun 18, 2021 |   Microsoft

As companies seek to improve productivity, collaboration and growth, many industry leaders are moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Not only does Dynamics 365 have seamless integration with other Microso[...]

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How Accurate is Your Inventory Visibility? Why Real-Time Visibility Is Vital Across the Supply Chain

By | on Jun 8, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

Inventory has far-reaching implications – impacting margins and profitability, fulfillment timeframes and customer service. Inventory costs have risen every year since 2012 with most retailers and dis[...]

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The Dirty Little Secrets of Business Intelligence (BI): Six Challenges to Adoption

By | on Jun 7, 2021 |   Microsoft

In a competitive environment where data is the new currency, the company with the best business intelligence (BI) usually wins. Bringing together different data sources ranging from customer data to m[...]

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What Is Freight Audit and Payment and How Can It Help Businesses Save on Freight Shipping?

By | on Jun 2, 2021 |   Transportation

How thorough is your freight audit process and what intelligence are you able to glean from your Freight Audit and Payment (FAP) program? Given the complexity of transportation invoicing and the valua[...]

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Industry Insights: Cyberattack on World’s Largest Meat Supplier - Maximizing Security

By | on Jun 1, 2021 |   Information Technology

On Sunday, May 30, 2021, the world’s largest meat processing company determined it was the victim of an organized cyberattack, which affected servers supporting its IT systems in Australia and North A[...]

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How to Make the Most of Your Inventory: Ensuring Inventory Management Success

By | on May 28, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

Inventory ties up the largest amount of working capital for most omnichannel organizations and typically represents one of the largest costs of goods sold. Thus, it presents a strategic opportunity fo[...]

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The Role of a Warehouse Management System: Understanding WMS Benefits, Features and Implementation

By | on May 27, 2021 |   Supply Chain

What Is a Warehouse Management System (WMS)? The simplest definition of a WMS is a system in which the daily operations within a distribution center (DC) are controlled and managed. WMS software has c[...]

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How Fuel Surcharges Will Impact Shippers in 2021

By | on May 24, 2021 |   Transportation

When shippers are investigating root causes of transportation cost increases over time, fuel can often be overlooked. This does not mean fuel costs are left out of cost models or projections, but that[...]

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What Do Post-COVID-19 Customer Expectations Mean for Retailers?

By | on May 18, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

Empowered by product blogs, customer reviews, unboxing videos and more, today’s consumers have limitless resources for research prior to buying a product. Equipped with information to ensure shopping [...]

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Why Are Leading Companies Moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance?

By | on May 17, 2021 |   Microsoft

With the amount of data across the world doubling every year, data has the potential to be a true strategic asset. However, many companies do not yet have a centralized source of clean data from which[...]

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Industry Insights: Cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline - Impact on Supply Chain

By | on May 12, 2021 |   Supply Chain

On Thursday, May 6, 2021, Colonial Pipeline Co., one of the largest U.S. refined products pipeline systems, was the victim of a ransomware attack with nearly 100 gigabytes of data taken hostage. Colon[...]

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