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The Dirty Little Secrets of Business Intelligence: Building a Data Culture

By | on Jul 29, 2021 |   Microsoft

Like many complex information technology (IT) programs, an effective business intelligence (BI) program requires a purposeful combination of people, process and technology. When one considers the grow[...]

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The Dirty Little Secrets of Business Intelligence: Shaping Corporate Strategies

By | on Jul 26, 2021 |   Microsoft

Companies striving to accelerate their business intelligence journeys must achieve several important early milestones. Once they are successfully integrating and interpreting different external data s[...]

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Creating a Successful Digital Commerce Transformation

By | on Jul 13, 2021 |   Microsoft

A recent Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study showed a potential total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction of 3.4 percent and a return on investment (ROI) gain of 109 percent for comp[...]

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The Dirty Little Secrets of Business Intelligence: Planning Tomorrow’s BI Strategy Today

By | on Jul 7, 2021 |   Microsoft

Business intelligence (BI) programs continue to grow rapidly in quality and scope reflecting the proliferation of digital data. IDC estimates a 26 percent five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) [...]

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Advanced Warehousing Meets Manufacturing: Dynamics 365 Manufacturing with Advanced Warehousing Processes

By | on Jun 25, 2021 |   Microsoft

The current version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a warehouse management system (WMS) module that competes with Tier 1 WMS systems and is fully integrated with the built-in manufacturing functional[...]

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Key Decisions to Consider Before Moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365

By | on Jun 18, 2021 |   Microsoft

As companies seek to improve productivity, collaboration and growth, many industry leaders are moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Not only does Dynamics 365 have seamless integration with other Microso[...]

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The Dirty Little Secrets of Business Intelligence (BI): Six Challenges to Adoption

By | on Jun 7, 2021 |   Microsoft

In a competitive environment where data is the new currency, the company with the best business intelligence (BI) usually wins. Bringing together different data sources ranging from customer data to m[...]

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Why Are Leading Companies Moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance?

By | on May 17, 2021 |   Microsoft

With the amount of data across the world doubling every year, data has the potential to be a true strategic asset. However, many companies do not yet have a centralized source of clean data from which[...]

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Five Key Actions to Consider Before Starting Your Migration to Dynamics 365

By | on May 12, 2021 |   Microsoft

For many companies, finally getting the final green to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 feels like the starting gun at the Indy 500. By the time that green light is received, it often seems like the [...]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade: Beyond the Technology

By | on Mar 10, 2021 |   Microsoft

  Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Dynamics 365 or D365) unifies CRM and ERP capabilities into a single system that works across sales, customer service, field service, operations, financials, marketing, and p[...]

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Discover How to Maximize the ROI from Your ERP Investment

By | on Oct 2, 2020 |   Microsoft

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Lazy Load Components and Services in SPFX: Part One

By | on Aug 13, 2020 |   Information Technology Microsoft

Load React components and services on demand to optimize your SharePoint Framework web parts and site extensions.

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