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The Four Pillars of an Effective Distributed Order Management System

By | on Sep 15, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

Retail is moving faster than ever before, with ecommerce sales swiftly climbing across multiple sales channels. As consumers continue to leverage sales channels outside of brick-and-mortar stores to p[...]

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What is Omnichannel Fulfillment and Why Does it Matter?

By | on Jul 12, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

Today’s empowered shoppers want to choose from a multitude of products and delivery options and expect immediacy, convenience and simplicity. Competing against Amazon and other retailers with extensiv[...]

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Advanced Analytics: How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

By | on Jun 30, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

Knowing the customer better than the competition empowers your organization to create better assortments, personalized promotions and marketing campaigns to drive sales and enhance customer loyalty. T[...]

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How Accurate is Your Inventory Visibility? Why Real-Time Visibility Is Vital Across the Supply Chain

By | on Jun 8, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

Inventory has far-reaching implications – impacting margins and profitability, fulfillment timeframes and customer service. Inventory costs have risen every year since 2012 with most retailers and dis[...]

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How to Make the Most of Your Inventory: Ensuring Inventory Management Success

By | on May 28, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

Inventory ties up the largest amount of working capital for most omnichannel organizations and typically represents one of the largest costs of goods sold. Thus, it presents a strategic opportunity fo[...]

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What Do Post-COVID-19 Customer Expectations Mean for Retailers?

By | on May 18, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

Empowered by product blogs, customer reviews, unboxing videos and more, today’s consumers have limitless resources for research prior to buying a product. Equipped with information to ensure shopping [...]

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Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) for Order Management Systems (OMS): What Is It and Why Should Omnichannel Retailers Care?

By | on May 4, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

With the advent of the mobile device and the ability to discover, research, buy and pay anywhere, the lines between physical commerce and digital commerce have become increasingly blurred. Today’s ret[...]

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Why So Many Omnichannel Retailers Struggle With Inventory

By | on Apr 28, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

This article by Jim Barnes, CEO of enVista, first appeared on If we could characterize today's retail in one word, I believe it would be "unpredictable." Speed of customers, the business a[...]

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Why Retailers Should Actively Nudge Consumers To Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS)

By | on Apr 16, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

This article by Jim Barnes, CEO of enVista, first appeared on Consumer expectations and the way we shop have continued to evolve rapidly in 2020, with U.S. ecommerce sales reportedly incre[...]

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Key Considerations and Milestones to a Successful Dropship Program

By | on Apr 6, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

Omnichannel retailers require agility to compete and thrive in an industry that is ever-changing. As retailers continue to adapt their network for an omnichannel approach, they are looking for additio[...]

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2021 Inventory Optimization Survey: Understanding the Need to Optimize Inventory Profitability and Agility

By | on Mar 25, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

Inventory presents a strategic opportunity for retailers to make business improvements that drive significant and far-reaching results across the organization. Since it ties up the largest amount of w[...]

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How Omnichannel Retailers Can Leverage Stores for Fulfillment

By | on Feb 15, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

  Ship From Store Strategy Omnichannel order fulfillment and returns are about delivering a more convenient, consistent and seamless shopping experience for your customers. Today’s empowered shoppers [...]

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