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Why Retailers Should Actively Nudge Consumers To Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS)

By | on Apr 16, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

This article by Jim Barnes, CEO of enVista, first appeared on Consumer expectations and the way we shop have continued to evolve rapidly in 2020, with U.S. ecommerce sales reportedly incre[...]

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Key Considerations and Milestones to a Successful Dropship Program

By | on Apr 6, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

Omnichannel retailers require agility to compete and thrive in an industry that is ever-changing. As retailers continue to adapt their network for an omnichannel approach, they are looking for additio[...]

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2021 Inventory Optimization Survey: Understanding the Need to Optimize Inventory Profitability and Agility

By | on Mar 25, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

Inventory presents a strategic opportunity for retailers to make business improvements that drive significant and far-reaching results across the organization. Since it ties up the largest amount of w[...]

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How Omnichannel Retailers Can Leverage Stores for Fulfillment

By | on Feb 15, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

  Ship From Store Strategy Omnichannel order fulfillment and returns are about delivering a more convenient, consistent and seamless shopping experience for your customers. Today’s empowered shoppers [...]

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3 Steps to Implementing a Ship from Store Strategy

By | on Feb 11, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

As retailers continue to adopt new omnichannel strategies, with a large quantity of products sold online being shipped from stores, how can your company begin to navigate ship from store effectively? [...]

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4 Challenges to Consider for Balancing In-Store and Online Customers in Today’s Retail Landscape

By | on Feb 3, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

In today’s competitive retail environment, retailers are spending more and more time trying to give shoppers reason to choose them. For retailers hoping to edge out the competition, one differentiator[...]

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NRF 2021 Session Recap: Why OMS Is the Key to Omnichannel Agility, Profitability and Transformation

By | on Jan 26, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

National Retail Federation’s NRF 2021 Chapter 1 event was held virtually for the first time, taking place January 12-14, and January 19, 21-22, 2021. Following enVista’s CIO Fireside Chat and Witness [...]

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NRF Q&A Continued with Jim Barnes: Why OMS Is the Key to Omnichannel Agility, Profitability and Transformation

By | on Jan 26, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

The virtual NRF Chapter 1 session taking place on January 14, 2021, “Why OMS Is the Key to Omnichannel Agility, Profitability and Transformation,” featured Jim Barnes, CEO of enVista, and Brendan Witc[...]

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NRF 2021 Recap: Retail’s First CIO Fireside Chat and Witness Protection Program Session by enVista

By | on Jan 21, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

enVista’s Gene Bornac, Chief Strategy Officer at enVista, spoke with two leading retailers about successful omnichannel fulfillment strategies, customer experience improvements, technology roadmaps, i[...]

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How to Successfully Enable Omnichannel Fulfillment

By | on Jan 20, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

As online shopping and in-store fulfillment become the new normal for many shoppers across the globe, retailers need to be taking a closer look at their omnichannel fulfillment strategy. The pandemic [...]

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5 Reasons Store Associates Are Critical to the In-Store Experience

By | on Jan 12, 2021 |   Unified Commerce

  Retail is Not Dead, But It Must Adapt Reports of retail’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Traditional retailing is not dead, but it must adapt to changing customer demand and the impact of digi[...]

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What Retailers Need to Successfully Implement Buy Online Pick Up In Store (BOPIS)

By | on Dec 16, 2020 |   Unified Commerce

Retailers across the country continue to face unprecedented challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly during peak season. Since March, U.S. ecommerce sales have soared by more than[...]

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